I’ll be heading along to Glasgow School of Art Union this Saturday with BoomPunkApparel for freshers week/art fair. If your not upto much then come along and see all the stall holders and have a chat. Would be good to see faces. First outing for the new ladies shirt. I’ll be bringing along all the designs, bobble hats, sticker packs and prints. Maybe one or two artworks. Cheers.
Back when she was so small. Still is but look at her, tiny.
I am filling your dash with Islay sleeping.  We are both tired and can’t be bothered doing very much tonight.

Think I lost a follower for after I posted a picture of my puppy. Really? I don’t want to be friends with you anyway you puppy hating person!! :p

We could both do with bed.
Got a few Keith Haring people tattooed the other day too. Little gap fillers.

My painting is here!!
Thanks gordyteamup! I honestly love it, the detail is great and the colors blend perfectly together. This is the first painting I ever bought :)
Day to remember tickets came today for Novemver in Edinburgh.

I’m not in the right mood for this nice weather. Tired. I feel like I want to draw but I just can’t be bothered today. Maybe just films for the rest of the day.